6 Benefits of CBD Oil When taken Judiciously

What are the 6 Benefits of CBD Oil When taken Judiciously? There are many articles about the benefits of CBD oil online. It is almost like the same information is continuously being recycled. Although, research studies are currently ongoing and new CBD oil benefits are discovered at different points in time, yet, not everyone accepts that CBD has therapeutic properties.

Without further ado, we will go straight to the point on this subject matter. However, if you need more information about CBD oil, see our A – Z guide to CBD oil.

Cannabidiol is an extract from the hemp plant that does not have psychoactive effects on the users unlike THC (the cannabinoid in Cannabis plant responsible for causing psychotropic effects when activated). On the contrast, CBD oil has been shown to have therapeutic properties and is presently being used for therapeutic purposes.

So far, there hasn’t been any report that links CBD oil to problems associated with the consumption of cannabis (health effects) such as euphoria (feeling high), confusion, hallucination, fatigue, etc.


6 Benefits of CBD Oil When taken Judiciously


6 Benefits of CBD Oil When taken Judiciously


Some of the benefits of using Cannabidiol include:


May relieve anxiety and depression


When used by persons suffering from anxiety and depression, it has given promising results in the management of their anxiety disorders. This was proven through clinical trials, experimental research and epidemiological studies by researchers of an article published in the journal of neurotherapeutics in 2015 (Wong, 2019)


May reduce opioid or cocaine addiction


Management of addiction to opioids, cocaine and other psychostimulant drugs as well as tobacco and cannabis through blocking or reducing the effect of tetrahydrocannabinol in the endocannabinoid system (Wong, 2019)


May reduce blood pressure


Cannabidiol has been found to help in the reduction of blood pressure in those with hypertension or at risk of developing hypertension. The experiments also proved that it was effective in managing high blood pressure before and after a stressful situation.


May relieve pain


The oil has pain-relieving effects when it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is responsible for regulating functions such as sleep, pain and immune response. For instance, one study established that people who suffered from pain related to arthritis and multiple sclerosis felt better after taking a dose of Cannabidiol containing oil. (Russo, M., CAlabro, R.S., Naro, A., et. al., 2015)


May alleviate cancer-related symptoms


Cancer-related symptoms have also been demonstrated to alleviate when therapy with cannabidiol oil treatment is introduced in the regimen. Such symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and pain associated with cancer therapy.(Bloech-Daum, B., Deuson, R. R., Mavros, P., et. al., 2006)


May cure acne


Treatment of acne is one of the benefits that have been noted with CBD due to its anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to regulate the activity of the sebaceous gland.