Does CBD Oil Have Side Effects?

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Does CBD Oil have side effects? Various studies have proved CBD oil to be much safer than most other over-the-counter and prescription drugs. The WHO even stated in 2017 that CBD oil was effective and safe for consumption.

With all these, you might begin to wonder if CBD oil has any side effects?. We hate to break it to you, but yes, CBD oil has side effects! The good news is, these side effects are minor, and you might only notice them when you combine CBD oil with other medications.

Let’s look at some of the side effects of CBD oil.


Does CBD oil have side effects?


Does Cbd Oil Have Side Effects?




High doses of CBD oil might induce drowsiness. For some people, about 100mg of CBD oil per session might produce sedative effects. Avoid driving or working on heavy machinery if you’re drowsy as a result of high CBD oil dosage. 


Dry Mouth


You might experience a dry mouth because the cannabinoids in the CBD oil reduce the production of saliva in your mouth. However, you can easily overcome this by taking plenty of fluids like water.


Interference with Other Medications


CBD oil can interfere with your liver’s ability to metabolize certain drugs. This can result in higher levels of these drugs in your body at a particular time, causing unwanted side effects, or even an overdose of these drugs.


Low Blood Pressure


High doses of CBD oil can cause a minor drop in your blood pressure. This might be an issue if you’ve been diagnosed with low blood pressure or you’re on medications for high blood pressure—which might cause your blood pressure to drop too low.

You might feel lightheaded or uncomfortable. If this happens, consult your doctor before using any CBD products.


Final words


While CBD oil is safe for your consumption, it is crucial to recognize the possible side effects associated with its use. Ensure to consult your doctor if you wish to use CBD oil alongside other medications.