How Can You Make CBD Oil Taste Better

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How can you make CBD Oil taste better? The CBD market is booming, and today there are more products on the shelf than ever before. This is both a blessing and a curse for consumers.

On the one hand, they have the freedom to choose the product that best fits their particular set of circumstances; on the other hand, with so many choices, it becomes difficult to gauge which products are worthy of your money.

Depending on your budget, your mileage will vary. Lower quality products will suffer on many fronts, and since many times you will be ingesting your CBD Oils, it is imperative that you learn to choose the wheat from the chaff

Today we will talk about flavor.


What does CBD oil taste like?


CBD Oil does not taste bad, but It can be an acquired taste. The taste of CBD products can be highly subjective, but most people agree that it tastes somewhat earthy. The most common adjectives used to describe the taste of CBD oil are piney, peaty, herby, and medicinal. I’ve actually heard the taste described as being a greenish taste!

Remember that CBD is extracted directly from the Hemp plant, and depending on the amount of processing and filtering that a given product undergoes, the oil may still contain large quantities of plant terpenes and flavonoids.

So if you are particularly sensitive to strong tastes, look for products that have been thoroughly processed and distilled.

Another important factor to consider when speaking about the taste of a given CBD oil is the carrier oil itself. Remember that CBD extract is diluted into a natural carrier oil in order to facilitate consumption.


How Can You Make CBD Oil Taste Better


Therefore, the overall quality and flavor of the carrier oil will have a significant impact on your CBD’s taste.


How Can You Make CBD Oil Taste Better


If you don’t like the taste of CBD oil, don’t worry. Here is how to make your CBD taste more palatable.

Thanks to the versatility of CBD oil, you will always have the option of including it into a vast array of edibles recipes. From hot and cold drinks to pastries and savory dishes, you can actually make CBD oil an integral part of your culinary repertoire.

However, there are a couple other tricks you can try if you just want to ingest it as is.

Have something sweet readily available to eat. For example, some hard candy, gummy bears, or even a spoonful of honey, will cancel out the bitterest notes.

Brush your teeth or use minty mouthwash right before taking your CBD oil. The strong minty flavor will overpower the earthy tones of the CBD.