How Much Cbd Oil To Take For Inflammation

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How much CBD oil to take for inflammation? Although inflammation is thought to be a negative condition, it is actually a crucial physiological response that is fundamentally intertwined with the body’s immune system. However, when inflammation becomes chronic, it begins to represent a serious threat to our health. In fact, some studies suggest that chronic inflammation is linked to various life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease and cancer.


What is Chronic Inflammation?


Chronic inflammation can be defined as a persistent state of active inflammatory response. A chronic response may be caused by a multitude of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that elicit a reaction from the body’s immune system.

Chronic inflammation, if left untreated, may last for months or even years.


CBD and Inflammation


CBD therapy has shown a lot of promise regarding its role as a potential anti-inflammatory therapy. This powerful Cannabinoid has proven effective in mediating the body’s immune response associated with certain autoimmune diseases, as well as neuropathic pain, and Alzheimer’s.

The CBD molecule may even be able to revert oxidative stress by exerting an immunosuppressive effect on macrophage and microglial cells, which are the primary cells that play a role in inflammation and immunity.


How Much Cbd Oil To Take For Inflammation


If you are currently suffering from a case of chronic inflammation and conventional medicine is unable to provide you with sufficient relief, then CBD Oil may present a viable and natural alternative.

Scientists from around the globe have enacted on a search for a definitive list of all the potential therapeutic uses of CBD and other cannabinoids.


This means that the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD have been supported by a variety of scientific studies.


The scope of CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties is increasingly deeper and more precise, and with the increasing number of CBD products available on the market, there is no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try. See the article on 20 Trusted CBD Companies and Products


So how much CBD oil to take for inflammation?


Most experts agree that for chronic inflammation-related illnesses, a single oral dose of CBD Oil per day should suffice. The exact dosage in milligrams will vary from person to person and is to be determined by a multitude of factors such as age, body weight, the severity of symptoms, family history, etc.

However, it is always recommended to start with a low dosage and work your way up until you find the correct amount to alleviate your symptoms.

A good dose to start with is 2 mg per day. Doses of up to 20 mg per day may be necessary if your symptoms are severe.