How to Crystallize CBD Oil

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How to crystallize CBD Oil. Within the Cannabis plant, we find two very different, but equally important, chemical compounds known as THC and CBD. Cannabis contains hundreds of active compounds, but THC and CBD are the most abundant and the most interesting from the perspective of human biology.

From a chemical perspective, both THC and CBD have very similar characteristics, and they both resemble a crystalline lattice on a molecular level.

In fact, when completely isolated, both of these potent cannabinoid compounds have the appearance of crushed crystals.

These crystals are, arguably, the purest form of concentrate available. Some crystallized CBD products, in particular, can reach concentrations that are 99.99% pure.


How to Crystallize CBD Oil


How to Crystallize CBD Oil


How Are CBD And THC Crystallized?


The key to crystallizing these compounds is to achieve complete chemical isolation.

  1. Therefore, the crystallization process invariably begins with a cannabis extract. Cannabis extracts are full-spectrum solutions, meaning they contain a wide range of chemicals such as plant terpenes, flavonoids, and a host of other phytochemicals.
  2. This extract is typically exposed to a number of acerbic fluids such as hexane and acetic acid. These chemical solvents are used to begin stripping the cannabis extract of impurities.
  3. After the first solvent application, the extract is then run through a chemical evaporator to remove the solvents and any byproducts of their use.
  4. The third step involves a chromatographic separation of various chemical compounds from the CBD or THC molecules.
  5. The final step involves preparing the crystallized isolate for safe human consumption.
  6. The end product is almost 100% pure CBD or THC.


For a more detailed explanation of how to crystalize CBD, see the video below.



Are The Crystallized Forms Of CBD And THC More Effective Than Their Non-crystallized Counterparts?


Most experts agree that CBD crystals are completely safe for human consumption, but what about their overall effectiveness at providing the purported health benefits of CBD oil.

Logic dictates that the purer a substance is, the more beneficial to the human body it should be. However, in the case of CBD crystals, they are missing a host of important chemical compounds that are readily found in the plant. The Anatomy of How CBD Creates Homeostasis In Our Body


As such, crystallized CBD is actually less effective and provides less overall benefits than less pure but more complete products.


CBD Oil is significantly superior as an alternative therapeutic option.