How to Make CBD Oil Tea

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How to make CBD Oil tea? Tea has been the leisure beverage of choice for centuries across various cultures. From China to England, tea is a special and respected drink known to have plenty of health benefits. With the growing popularity of CBD oil, you can now enhance your tea time with all the great things cannabidiol does for the body.

The first thing you should know is that you cannot use just any CBD oil to your tea and expect it to taste good. Oil and water do not mix very well and the result would be less than refreshing.


How to Make CBD Oil Tea


How to Make CBD Oil Tea


You need to have a form of CBD oil that is water-soluble. This will not only keep your tea from tasting bad, but it also helps your body absorb the CBD better so you can maximize its effects. There are several brands of water-soluble CBD oil that all work well for drink mixing. Simply mix the water-soluble CBD oil into your tea until you get the concentration you want.

To get the full effects of the CBD oil, it is best to drink the tea right after a meal. This will allow your body to fully absorb the cannabidiol.

Lastly, enjoy!

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