How To Use Cbd Oil As A Sleep Aid

How to Use CBD Oil as A Sleep Aid. In a study where CBD was administered to people who have sleeping problems, it was realized that 160 mg could result in an overall improvement in self-reported sleep quality.


How To Use Cbd Oil As A Sleep Aid


Anxiety, depression, uncomfortable bed, medication, diet, environmental factors, just to mention a few, are factors that can deprive you of sleep. Also, not being able to sleep can increase the risk of mental illness.


How to use CBD oil as a sleep aid


There are several ways that you can take CBD to aid you in sleeping. People who use CBD for sleep aid have suggested CBD oil and tinctures as the most preferred alternative. See our article on 12 Types of CBD Products.

That being said, I will not recommend vaping CBD  due to its potential risk of having lung defects.

The video below describes how to use CBD oil for sleep.