How to Use CBD Oil for Lymphedema

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How to use CBD oil for Lymphedema. The terms Lymphedema or lymphatic edema, both refer to a specific type of fluid accumulation that is caused by obstructions along the body’s lymphatic channels.

The body’s lymphatic channels serve as a distribution network for a fluid similar to blood plasma, which is essential to a multitude of cellular processes, known as lymph.

When these channels become obstructed, lymph is retained in various tissues of the body, and this causes a number of side effects.


How to Use CBD Oil for Lymphedema


What causes Lymphedema?


Lymphedemas may occur for a variety of reasons.

Primary lymphedemas are usually due to a congenital defect of the lymphatic ducts. Trauma later in life may also cause obstructions to the lymphatic channels.

Secondary lymphedemas are related to the existence of tumors along with the lymphatic system. Secondary may appear years after the development of the underlying disease.


How is Lymphedema treated?


The most traditional and widespread treatment method is called Complex Decongestive Therapy. It consists of a set of manual rhythmic manipulation techniques whose purpose is to remove the accumulated fluid from the affected limbs.

The therapy also consists of using compressive bandages and additional skincare.

The purpose of these therapeutic techniques is to reduce the volume of the fluid accumulated in the limb, favor the reabsorption of the lymph, and the creation of alternative drainage paths, as well as keep the skin free of infections and improve circulation.


How to Use CBD Oil for Lymphedema


One novel approach to lymphedema treatment is to supplement Complex Decongestive Therapy with CBD Oil.

One of the most significant components in lymphedema cases is inflammation. Patients with lymph retention suffer from severe inflammation in the affected tissues; therefore, CBD oil has the potential to offer significant relief from the worst symptoms associated with inflamed lymph since there are many studies that suggest that CBD has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.



You can apply CBD oil or Balm on the part that is affected and see if you get any improvement.