What CBD Oil Helps With Sleep?

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What CBD Oil helps with sleep? Being able to have a full night’s sleep and rest is critical to good health. Moreover, our ability to have an adequate mental function throughout the day depends to a high degree on the quality of our sleep.

Sleep acts as a sort of physical and psychological purge, where we rid our bodies of toxic byproducts of our metabolism, and strengthen our immune systems as well as stabilize our psyches. As such, the quality of our sleeping hours directly impacts the quality of our health and well being.

When we suffer from sleeping disorders, due to stress or other factors, our bodies begin to deteriorate much faster than most people realize. In fact, poor sleep has been linked with an increase in the incidence of diseases such as obesity, diabetes, chronic pain, and even cancer. Research Studies

And if poor sleep becomes chronic, we develop insomnia, which has the ability to drop our quality of life significantly.


What is insomnia?


What CBD Oil Helps With Sleep


Insomnia is a clinical term that describes a chronic sleeping disorder. Insomnia may be a symptom of a more pervasive pathology, such as depression, anxiety, or nervous tension — those who suffer from insomnia experience a dramatic difficulty falling asleep. Moreover, insomniacs experience a distinct inability to remain asleep if they do manage to conciliate rest.

Over time, insomnia severely limits our neurological function and can make us severely ill. In fact, under certain extreme circumstances, severe sleep deprivation can result in death.

Unfortunately, the medications that are prescribed to combat insomnia often have adverse side effects that are harmful to our health. And most of these medications cause dependence and, ultimately, addiction.

It is not surprising then that many people have opted to replace these harmful drugs with the use of therapeutic Cannabinoids.


What CBD Oil Helps With Sleep?


Among the various benefits that CBD can offer us is the reconciliation of truly restful sleep.

CBD has been repeatedly linked with improvements to stress and anxiety levels, two of the primary reasons why our sleep cycles are disturbed. Furthermore, Cannabinoids like CBD can reduce chronic pain, which is another common trigger for insomnia.

CBD is a 100% natural product that promotes good sleep without causing adverse side effects or generating dependence or addiction. Additionally, CBD therapies can improve the most restorative phase of sleep, called REM sleep, as well as promoting respiratory health and reducing the risk of sleep apnea.

For the best, most restorative sleep, we recommend the following CBD products:

  • Medium to High strength CBD Oil
  • CBD infused hot teas and herbal infusions
  • Sublingual CBD drops
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