What Does Pure Cbd Oil Look Like

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What does pure Cbd Oil look like? Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica have been used for medicinal purposes by a multitude of cultures around the world for thousands of years. The first people to use Cannabis as a therapeutic tool did not know it then, but they were taking advantage of more than 100 cannabinoids present in the plant.


What is a Cannabinoid?


Cannabinoids are a varied group of organic chemicals, which belong to the group of terpene phenolic compounds and activate various cannabinoid receptors found throughout the human organism.

The human body counts with specific sites, found on the surface of various types of cells, called CB1 and CB2, which bind to cannabinoids in our blood. This is called the Endocannabinoid System, and it’s what gives our body the ability to receive Cannabis’ many therapeutic effects.





CBD is one of the primary cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, and it is also one of the most abundant. Through various processes that have been perfected over the years, chemists can isolate the CBD molecules in the plant and provide us with a concentrated form of CBD oil.

CBD oils are a very effective way to administer a dose of cannabidiol. High-quality CBD oils are 100% natural and should contain no synthetic additives.


Unfortunately, because of the popularity and effectiveness of these compounds, the market has become saturated with low-quality products that aim to take advantage of unwary consumers. Therefore we must learn to differentiate between pure CBD Oil and one that is rife with potentially dangerous compounds.


One way to tell the quality of a CBD Oil is by its appearance.


So what does pure CBD Oil look like?


What Does Pure Cbd Oil Look Like


Raw CBD Oil

Meaning that it undergoes no further processing once it has been extracted, is dark viscous green. However, this type of oil contains more cannabinoids than just CBD.

Decarboxylated CBD Oil

Undergoes a slight “cooking” process to convert the Cannabidiolic Acid found in the plant into more CBD. Decarboxylated oil has a light brownish tint.

Isolate CBD

It is the purest form of CBD oil found on the market. Isolate has had every cannabinoid removed, leaving only pure CBD molecules. Isolate is a clear, viscous liquid; however, it is regularly mixed in with other oils such as Coconut Oil or other types that are rich in medium-chain-triglycerides.

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Make sure to keep your CBD oil away from heat and direct sunlight as these factors will affect its chemical composition and thus may reduce its potency.

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