Why Is My CBD Oil Turning Brown?

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Why is my CBD oil turning brown? CBD Oil products can vary drastically from one another, and do so in many aspects.

It is important to remember that CBD oils are produced by diluting CBD extract in some type of consumable oil and that the quality of the oil in which the CBD extract is diluted will greatly influence the final quality of the product. The most common carrier oils used to make CBD products are olive, avocado, sunflower, hemp, and coconut, but there are also other options.

What happens is that over time, the physical and chemical qualities of the carrier oil become more and more predominant in determining the CBD product’s taste, texture, and color.


Variations in Color of CBD Oils


The color of a CBD oil can vary greatly from one product to another, and from one brand to another. However, there are some general rules that can help you properly gauge the quality of a given CBD oil. For example:

Crude oils are typically a dark green due to still having chlorophyll and other plant impurities.

Decarboxylated oils tend to be an orange or amber color.

Filtered or distilled CBD oils are usually clear or have a light golden hue.


Why is my CBD oil turning brown?

Why Is My CBD Oil Turning Brown


What does it mean if your oil starts to turn brown?

If you notice your CBD oil turning brown, it simply means that one or more natural chemical processes are changing the molecular structure of the oil. For example:




When peroxidation occurs, oxygen molecules take the place of hydrogen molecules. In other words, the oil begins to absorb oxygen from the surrounding air, and the oil turns a dark brownish shade and significantly more viscous.




When hydrolysis occurs, fatty radicals in the oil being pushed out of their bonds and replaced by water molecules. Once water enters into the mix, it changes the molecular structure of the oil and alters its physical characteristics. In this case, your CBD oil might turn brown and develop an acrid or bitter taste.

To avoid this, simply keep your CBD products in a cool, dry place.